Läcka: Mass Effect Andromeda inkluderar coop-läge för fyra spelare

Senare idag kommer Electronic Arts att avtäcka mer information kring Mass Effect: Andromeda, men redan nu har Best Buy läckt information kring rollspelsäventyret.

Best Buy visade upp spelets fodral, och avslöjar även att en specialversion kommer att släppas. Den största läckan rör emellertid spelets coop-funktioner, där fyra spelare kommer att kunna sammanstråla och spela tillsammans.

Ni ser informationen som publicerades på Best Buy nedan, tillsammans med bilderna på spelets nordamerikanska fodra.


Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, players will lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory as the Pathfinder – a leader of military-trained explorers. This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and player choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival.

Product Features

Chart Your Own Course in a Dangerous New Galaxy

Unravel the mysteries of the Andromeda galaxy as you discover rich, alien worlds in the search for humanity’s new home

Lead the First Humans in Andromeda on a Desperate Search for our New Home

In this new chapter of Mass Effect, meet and recruit all-new, interesting characters caught up in an epic space saga filled with mystery and galactic conflict

Fight with your Pathfinder Team In Battle Against Terrifying Enemies and Creatures

New additions like destructible environments, boosted jumps for added verticality, and all-new weapons and Biotics make combat more thrilling than ever

Build a Formidable Hero With Amazing Weapons, Powers and Tech

With a much more flexible skill and weapon progression tree, you can replicate your play style to make you unstoppable against new, powerful alien enemies

For 1 player or up to 4 in multiplayer mode

mass-effect-andromeda-deluxe-edition-ps4 mass-effect-andromeda-pc-fodral mass-effect-andromeda-deluxe-edition-xbox-one



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