Paragon uppdateras – ny hjälte och nya skins

Epic Games har släppt listan över alla nyheter som uppdatering v39.3 kommer med till Paragon. Vi kommer att få se den nya hjälten Revenant som verkar på distans, och vi kommer också att få se nya skins och upplevelsen kommer också att balanseras gällande hjältar och kort.

Nedan kan ni se listan över alla uppdateringar som inkluderas i v39.3 till Paragon.


  • Revenant has arrived!
    • Two new skins, Raven Quill & Chrono Boss have been added to the store
    • New emote Hats Off has been added to the store
  • Rogue Sparrow, a new Tier 3 Sparrow skin, has been added to the store!

Loot Crate Update

Glacier Born Rampage and Copper Beast Rampage are being transferred to The Vault to make room for our new Tier 3 Rogue Sparrow skin variants. A number of other common skin variants have been added to Loot Crates. Check out the full list of changes below.


We’re continuing to iterate on our recent changes to Orb Prime, reducing the effectiveness of the Prime Card buff with this release. We want to provide an incentive to use the Orb Prime buff as an objective that allows a team to siege and push the enemy base, however we found that Deathtouch was a bit too effective at creating pressure in other unoccupied lanes.

We’re also experimenting with a reduction in respawn times now that Prime has proven to be an effective tool for sieging the enemy base.

We want to set an expectation that we will continue to iterate on meaningful objectives that add an extra layer of strategic depth and value to each match — so expect more changes soon!

  • Prime Buff
    • Reduced health regeneration from 3% to 1.5% of max health.
    • Reduced mana regeneration from 3% to 1.5% of max mana.
    • Reduced aura minion health bonus from 50% to 25%.
    • Reduced duration of Prime Buff from 150 to 120 seconds.
    • Removed Deathtouch minions.
  • Respawn Delay
    • Reduced respawn delay per hero level from 5.8 seconds to 5.2 seconds. (Previously 90 seconds at max level, now 81 seconds.)
  • There is now a minimum duration added to the move speed penalty (when attacking)
    • 0.7s for Ranged
    • 0.6s for Melee (hit)
    • 0.22 for Melee (miss)


Locked Heroes will now be unlocked if you own their respective Mastery.


  • Seek & Destroy
    • No longer deals an additional tick of damage when initially cast


  • Skins
    • Added Raven Quill skin to the store
    • Added Chrono Boss skin to the store
  • Emotes
    • Added Hats Off to the store


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Greater Drain
    • Traitor’s Touch
    • Redeye Nitro


  • Theme Music Selector added to Settings
    • This tool allows you to choose between three different themes


  • Profile
    • You can now see your all time total stars earned on your profile
  • Post Game Screen
    • The Quests tab will be skipped if there is no quest progress made
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Daily Rewards and Message of the Day will now appear after the Post Match screen is dismissed
    • Fixed a visual-only issue related to the star chest progression bar
      • This issue occurred only when you collected more than the required star count for Diamond Chests
  • Loot Crates Update
    • Removed Legendary Skins:
      • Glacier Born Rampage
      • Copper Beast Rampage
    • Added Legendary Skins:
      • Onyx Rogue Sparrow
      • Cobalt Rogue Sparrow
    • Added Common Skin Variants:
      • Velvet Default Revenant
      • Orchid Default Revenant
      • Rusted Chronos Revenant
      • Marine Chronos Revenant
      • Emerald Raven Quill Revenant
      • Lunar Raven Quill Revenant


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